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February 2022

During the past month I felt quite inspired and full of can't stop won't stop energy. There were commissions to work on, my own pieces to paint, artwork to frame for an upcoming solo show, coffee to sip, and so much more.

February for my family means syrup season! Here on our homestead, we have lots of maple trees, a few of which we tap and collect sap from in large five-gallon buckets. We make just enough to sustain us through the year, and that's plenty for us. Plus, if we tapped more trees, I don't think we would have enough stovetop space to boil it down!

There are eighteen more days until the official first day of spring and I find myself eager to paint more miniature flower bulb pieces like the ones you see here. These were a commission recently. Aren't they darling?

The creation of these little paintings paired with a visit to the Adams Fair Acre Farms annual garden show really got me excited for the warmer days to come.

But how was the garden show you ask!? It as glorious! A perfectly and carefully curated indoor experience, like stepping right into spring. And the best part? The smell! It smelled of ripe earth and open blooms!

There were even songbirds that found their way in to enjoy the scenery, and I swear I spotted a honey bee in flight!

Considering all the activity that February held, I am curious to see what March has in store. My expectation is that it will be a more restful month, but who knows! One thing I have eagerly anticipated is my solo show at The Grange in Warwick, N.Y. set for March 4th through early June. There you can take in some farm to table cuisine and while doing so, give my art all the heart eyes. Maybe even take a piece home with you!

So, if you're local and would like to see my work in person then please call and make your reservation as they are highly recommended. This solo show will be on display from March 4th through early June, I hope you'll plan a visit! Reservations highly recommended.

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16 Μαρ 2022

Hooray for syrup! I'd love to do that someday, too. I've seen people here in town with taps on their trees but we don't have any maples in our little yard!

Glad you enjoyed the garden show and hooray for your show (and inspiration! your bulb paintings are lovely!).

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16 Μαρ 2022
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This was Anne. Funny that making a comment as a "guest" means I get a funny guest name. Makes me feel like I'm undercover.

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