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Accepting Winter & Remembering Bouquets

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Today our land is fresh with white and the skies are solid blue. The sun shining bright reflects off of the snow bouncing periwinkle shadows long across the yard. Today is a perfect example of winter in the north east, January at it's finest. I know that beneath it all, my garden; it sleeps. It's biding its time until the alarm goes off and it rolls over to hit the snooze button. February is the snooze button, March is a yawn, and April is wide awake. It's coming, spring.

Usually about this time of year I am in the throws of seasonal depression, but for whatever reason this year I am not. It's a glorious change, and it feels so good. As I mentioned in my last post, if I have something to look forward to, then it keeps me from feeling down. I think the shift in my mental state this winter can be attributed to acceptance. I accept that winter must come to work it's magic, so that spring and summer may follow and do the same. I accept that winter is only as long as I make it feel, and I accept that there must be rest in our calendar. Plus, winter allows me a lot more studio time, for I am not tugged out to the garden by warmer temperatures and seedlings. It also provides me with ample time to dabble in hobbies that I enjoy, such as sewing and baking. I think... and I can't believe I'm about to say this... I am learning to enjoy winter. There I said it.

Even though my body is physically here looking out upon our frigid backyard, I am imagining handfuls of flowers. The bouquets of last summer and autumn . Generally I do not pick bouquets from my garden, I like to watch the complete life cycle of every bloom beginning to finish. But I do make exceptions. Exceptions which include picking them as gifts for friends, helping a storm bent bloom, and rescuing blossoms from the first hard frost. Last fall when our first hard frost hit there were still so many zinnias in bloom, dahlias too. I spent a whole day collecting bouquets in ball jars, and seeds as well from spent heads. Below are some of my favorite bouquets of 2021, may they brighten your day, like thoughts of them brightened mine.

2 comentários

16 de fev. de 2022

Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.


01 de fev. de 2022

Love seeing all these bouquets, Ashlie! Can't wait till I can make some again.

I haven't felt the bit of the winter blues this winter, either. Although it's been really cold, we've had a lot of sunshine and that's made all the difference!

Congrats on your new website. It's lovely!

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