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Artist Bio

Ashlie is an artist living and working from her home studio in Westtown, New York. Ashlie is a self taught artist and prides herself in how her work has organically matured over the span of her career. She currently works in watercolor, pastel, and acrylic and finds inspiration through her deep love of nature. It's flora, fauna, and pollinators all greatly inspire her work.

Artist Statement

Nature has always been a close friend of mine, a place where I can both lose and find myself at the same time, and so has been my ability to draw and paint. These two things have married themselves over the years and now flora and fauna are the repeating theme in my work. I believe there is so much joy to be found through nature, and I love to share that feeling through my paintings. The joy of sharing nature is the foundation of my work, but also it is a way for me to expose others to the natural world and its wonders. The magic of our surroundings so easily gets glanced over by the rush of our everyday lives. By sharing my work I am offering the opportunity to slow down and marvel at the environment we share on our wondrous earth with plants, flowers, animals, and pollinators alike. It is an invitation to remember that there is more to life, and life is worth saving amd appreciating... because there is no planet B. 

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